Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just had a thought. Has my recent discussion of Fitna turned me / revealed me to be Eustonian?

I honestly don't know. Readers, how does it sound?

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John Powers said...

Well, the Eustonians wouldn't have you back when they were garnering signatures, and it doesn't seem to me you're views have really changed all that much in the time in between.

Today a blog I read had a post up about the paucity of anti-war songs these days versus "in the days." I left a comment basically saying that back in the day many people held to some extent the idea that non-violent tactics could get results. Now we're all enamored with the potential for violence to bring progress.

Not quite all of us, I suspect your correspondence with one of the authors of Euston wasn't read beacause you're not so emphatic that violence is a good answer. And it seems to me that, at least the American signatories to the Euston Manifesto, are adamant about responding violently.

TDAXP is a really smart fellow, but my suspicion is that he probably felt the Eustonians were too namby-pamby about violence. I'm probably being unfair to everyone with my opinion: But since you asked, you don't sound Eustonian to me.