Sunday, August 31, 2003

Been reading Meatball Wiki: BusManagement and trying to get my head around the wiki tour bus thing.

I'm starting to get the idea, but it's still very confusing. I wonder about automating the process more. Is there a use for Rss feeds somewhere here? For example, the TourBusMap could make each route available as an RSS feed. In fact, maybe any wiki who wanted to joing a tour could send a TrackBack ping to the BusServer?. The BusServer? would then make routes available as feeds. And wikis which want to be on the tour could simply take the route description with themselves slotted in, and use it to generate the next stop.

Guess I'm just freestyling now ... :-)

Monday, August 25, 2003

I don't often use the word bullshit. But it seems oddly appropriate.

Oh yeah, BTW, I'm biased on this one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

There's a certain amount of wishful spinning in this article

Internet uptake is slowing, but that's OK, because probably the people who don't have the internet, don't want it. This is a "less pernicious" digital divide than one where people are excluded because they can't afford the technology.

Actually if people are disempowered because of their culture and education it's more pernicious. People who don't know they want the technology because they can't understand what it could do for them, are doubly damned. At least the guy who knows the internet would be useful but can't afford a regular connection may pop into a cybercafe occasionally.

Richard Stallman is in town and I missed him!

Still, it's good to see the government here have a conference on using free software.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I'm in UK, and not logging in much at the moment.

Big news is Kuro5hin discussed Optimaes :-)

Some hostile criticism to begin with. And I thought I'd screwed up my reputation by promoting my own project. But then some people found it interesting and started defending me, And lots of the criticism was useful.

I was surprised by how many "if it's not academia it's rubbish" comments I got though.