Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Phil!

OK, so it's been quiet in all my usual haunts. But I've been totally busy over the last few weeks. I started a new job (which is meant to be part time until the term and my teaching finishes at the university) but in fact I'm already being asked to work days which I'm not scheduled.

The new job is probably the most corporate place I've ever been : a small Brazilian company selling an e-procurement solution, that's been swallowed by a larger international company which does supply-chain management stuff. And who are now selling, customizing and supporting it on Brazil. This could be dull as ditchwater, but long-time Phil-watchers probably know I have an interest in this kind of activity.

It's also an alien world of proprietory software, specialist programming languages, formal documents, waterfalls, VPNs and Microsofty stuff. Let's see what I can do to subvert things a bit ;-) At least I can start a new blog. (After all, three blogs ain't enough, not even if you add in the wikis. And notice I've experimenting with WordPress.)

The other new project I'm starting, is the fruition of a month or so of mailing complete strangers, asking if I can interview them over Skype. The result will (hopefully) be a series of political interviews with people I've discovered who have interesting world views. The emphasis is on getting them to explain themselves rather than for me to try to argue them out of their opinions. And I've been looking for a range of very different perspectives.

Hopefully, this is going to create a space for people to listen to, and understand, each other's opinions. And to create a rich composite picture of how the world works. That project involves further free accounts for podcast hosting, blogging and wiki. Best place to start is probably the accompanying blog. (After all, four blogs ain't enough ... )

Right. Now this is all public, let's go get some sleep ... :-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

US designing new nukes.

Proponents of the project say the U.S. would lose its so-called "strategic deterrent" unless it replaces its aging arsenal of about 6,000 bombs, which will become potentially unreliable within 15 years. A new, more reliable weapon, they say, would help the nation reduce its stockpile.

I wonder what's going to happen to all those old, unreliable nukes in 15 years time? Can you recycle the uranium? Landfill?
Brazil is about to start playing its first match of the World Cup ... the world is going crazy, with people driving around the area doing wheel-spins, blasting air-horns and letting off firecrackers ...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

BBC NEWS : Zarqawi killed in Iraq air raid

This is the crucial test of the Global Guerrillas theory vs. some of the sceptics.

If the "insurgency" / "bazaar" remains as healthy as ever, then it looks like the GG model is corroberated. Otherwise, the optimists may have their day, yet.

Update: John Robb writes an obitury of Zarqawi.