Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've added a bit more to ThoughtStorms: ConspiracyTheories
The Lemur God : DesktopWikis are exactly as they sound, a Wiki on your private PC, versus on a server open to the internet public. I downloaded a few. Many are free, some are rather expensive. I found one that is very good, very free, but also very new. I've used it to enter some info, but am a little worried about how much time I should invest in this program, as it is uber-beta and my prove to be very unstable... especially after mucho info is entered. This program is SdiDesk and has proven to be decent so far.

thelemurgod: WikiPim... DisBlog
SdiDesk hat auch eine hohe Funktionsvielfalt und auch die Möglichkeit der Textformattierung kommt an die “klassischen” Wikis heran. Die Unterseiten und Revisionen werden im Programmunterordner gespeichert. Auch vom “Look & Feeling” erinnert dieses Programm sehr an die bekannten Wikisysteme.

Hmm. Which according to Google is roughly

SdiDesk has also high function variety and also the possibility of the Textformattierung approaches to the "classical" Wikis. The lower surfaces and revisions are stored in the program under file. Also of the "Look & Feeling" this program reminds much of the well-known Wikisysteme.

Peruns Blog - Webwork und Internet ? Desktop-Wikis
ThoughtStorms: ArchitectureAtWar

Monday, December 20, 2004

ThoughtStorms temporarily down. Will post here when it's back up.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Charles H. Ferguson : Until now, competition in the search industry has been limited to the Web and has been conducted algorithm by algorithm, feature by feature, and site by site. This competition has resulted in a Google and Yahoo duopoly. If nothing were to change, the growth of Microsoft’s search business would only create a broader oligopoly, similar, perhaps, to those in other media markets. But the search industry will soon serve more than just a Web-based consumer market. It will also include an industrial market for enterprise software products and services, a mass market for personal productivity and communications software, and software and services for a sea of new consumer devices. Search tools will comb through not only Microsoft Office and PDF documents, but also e-mail, instant messages, music, and images; with the spread of voice recognition, Internet telephony, and broadband, it will also be possible to index and search telephone conversations, voice mail, and video files.

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At the moment, I'm musing about the differences between ThoughtStorms and a real community like MeatBall

ThoughtStorms: ThoughtStormsVsMeatBall
When I posted this ThoughtStorms had 2374 pages.

How many does it have now?
Sunir Shah is working on a fascinating paper on the history of academia and what effect new media (especially wiki) might have.

Meatball Wiki: OpenAcademics
For those who missed it : ThoughtStorms: PhilIsStupid

(Warning : disturbing photo)

Don't these images look exactly like something out of a video game?

from BBC
David Blunket : Ex-Arse

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tim Bray : This whole Open/Free software thing, it’s not just one hemisphere or economic sphere or ethnic sphere, it’s, well, everybody everywhere.

First Free Software in Swahili : Jambo