Friday, January 31, 2014

Machine Gardens (The "Magic" Video)

This is an old video from when I was making laser-cut machines a couple of years ago. I used it again in the Object Oriented show we did last November. This is half the work, showing the "magic" of recursive algorithms being turned by a laser-cutter into physical objects. There's a companion video which shows all the human activity and faff that was excluded from this one.


Found an old tape with more Gbloink! music on it.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pablo Smash - PRISM Planet

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nuclear Against Global Warming

A good debate between George Monbiot and an opponent of nuclear.
ThoughtStorms is a bit sparse on climate change issues (just found the ClimateChange page itself was empty!). Will try to rectify that.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

2014 : Whither Composing?

I know I'm asking questions rather than making predictions this new year. But here is a prediction : Google are going to keep folding Blogger into Google Plus.

This blog has been a significant writing space for me for over 10 years. It's even survived a major name change (though not change of URL).

But I think Google have little incentive to work on advancing the art of blogging. That work is going on over at WordPress and Ghost etc. All Google's innovation here is going to be integrating it more tightly into G+ (everything I post here is already automatically forwarded there). Comments are optionally integrated (G+ becomes the white-list, a useful anti-spam feature).

In 2014 I have a desire to become less dependent on Google. And I believe serious writing needs a different kind of space from the hectic rapids of social media. And I'm delighted with the move of Smart Disorganized to my own WP. And I really liked my short-lived LinkBlogging experiment on Fargo. And I'm starting to get my head around putting stuff into ThoughtStorms again ...

And so ...

Well, listen. Seriously. I can't just dump this blog. That's really not an option. It's too established a URL. Too much history. And, ultimately, I like to keep an address somewhere at an address I don't own ... just in case my web-hosting and / or domain ownership suddenly collapses for some reason.

But I think Composing is going to change its role ... less writing here. More links to writing elsewhere. It's going to become more like the "social media" that Google obviously want it to be. An interface to G+ (with RSS output). And list of pointers to my other activities.

That's what I think is going to happen, anyway.

NY Times calls for Edward Snowden to be pardoned.

Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Geek Questions for 2014

Over on (the new) SmartDisorganized I'm starting a series of posts on the questions I'm asking myself at the beginning of 2014.

Mainly about my own projects + some more general ones about directions in technology (especially SDI tech. of course).