Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In light of my current dalliance with Erlang and that recent post on setting up pipelines in a functional stylee (in Python), this comparison of process-based concurrency in Erlang and Stackless Python is very cool.

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Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

2 comments, one lateral and one unrelated

* I'm no sort of programming geek. I barely passed my APL course (1978) and that's my only formal training. But I've done a lot of coding, beginning with machine-code (No, not assembler. I mean ... yaa, that: poking 0-255 into memory. Great stuff! *grin*) on a Z80, 1985, NEC "Trek", 1.2MHz w/8K RAM. And then assembler on C=64. Later, QB45. (wonderful setup, that was) and Pascal for Windows (a big project: commodity trading simulator/test suite) and *Gick!* VisualBasic (The high-point of my life, independent research funded by university ... using VRML to explore taxonomy.) but it's the C=64 days I've got in mind. Creating my own Mandelbrot microscope I knew cycles were at a premium so I built a profiler, and was immediately hooked on optimization. Just recently, in connection with WordPress, I exchanged notes with Ryan Boren about PHP profiling and he pointed me to xDeBug. Whoohoooo!

* I was poking around ThoughtStorms and though I would register. I tried to do that on Preferences. I got no joy ... now I'm worried I messed something up for you. Apologies if that's the case. (And yaaa, WikiSpammers are a real pain. I'm running MediaWiki and have really suffered.)