Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two Facebook quickies :

1) Just caught myself surfing the videos on friends' FunWalls etc. Ouch! But from this I conclude that social routing of media is viable. Been watching stupid stuff that I probably wouldn't have watched on YouTube, and certainly not on TV.

2) I'm very intrigued by the FriendCircles application. It's the first third-party app. I've seen which effectively lets you define new categories and sub-categories of relationships with people. This is a functionality that Facebook seem to be neglecting but something like FriendCircle could provide, and in doing so, itself become a platform on a platform (and so proceed ad infinitum.)


zby said...

Hi Phil - after getting your invitation I installed that Friends Circle application - but I don't see what to use it for. Have you any use cases?

Composing said...

Well, nothing else in FB let's you declare people as "online" friends. That's a classification which people have felt the lack of.

Scribe said...

I guess FriendCircles is the kind of direction Facebook were intending apps to go... Still, I think this bit from the app's description sums up why I'm generally disillusioned with (current) SNSing:

"Tell your friends why they're important using Circle of Friends!"

NO. I want contact management apps to let me *privately* categorise my *contacts*. Better still, get out of this whole idea of static relationships - everything is dynamic. There are people I'll contact for certain things, people I'll be "friendlier" with 1 week, but not so much the next, etc. Social groups change constantly. SNSes still do a bad job of understanding how people actually move in networks, AFAICS.

Meh, rant rant bored of SNS now, goes back to e-mail client ;)