Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fascinating and worthwhile read. How prepared is the US for a collapse?


John Powers said...

Wow, this is an interesting article.

Post collapse one of the trends he suggests is:

"Elements of organized crime, former military, and former law enforcement meld into new power structures (very messy)."

I thought of the American South after the Civil War, so we've got some experience with this. In any case this prediction seems spot on.

The point that the collapse will be permanent in contrast to the collapse of the Soviet Union, I'm not so sure about. Granted the USA doesn't have the energy reserves. So my optimism is probably baseless hoping.

I found Caetano Veloso's ruminating about the possible collapse of the USA as the collapse of Liberalism as useful. He likens Samuel Huntington's "The Clash of Civilizations" to Wagner who proposed that the masses should be led by irreligious men under the guise of religion.

Veloso also quotes Ann Douglas's term "mongrel" to characterize American culture. This aspect is something that actually is a seed of my hoping. I hope that there will be a significant group of Americans who reject racist values.

Dave Pollard returned from a conference "Future of the Corporation." Pollard thinks Americans overrely on the idea of a 'leader' who will bring us to light. That part of our American character really makes me pessimistic.

zby said...

Nice - but reading it it looks like in fact there just was not much of collapse in Soviet Union - on the daily life level - it was very hard for the people all the time - so there was not much change when the super power collapsed - it was only the political break down. While in the US where the system is nice to people when it collapses it will really change peoples lives.