Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hey! Blahsploitation has been added to Simon Reynolds's blogroll. I'm totally flattered.

OTOH, this is also a kind of failure. Because why Blahsploitation rather than BeatBlog? OK, so still totally chuffed, and I'm not complaining. But I think I still need to work on the BeatBlog concept a bit more.

Should I be spinning off musical writing onto a separate blog, especially when I haven't been writing much about music recently?
(Note, I've been writing music recently ... for a poetry show. See Primavera Wiki to find out more and download MP3s.)

Maybe I should consolidate music writing back here? Or get some blogging software which allows different categories to be filtered?
BeatBlog is broken anyway, by the move to the new domain. You can still get beats up until the move (because they're at the old site) but nothing new. A drastic rethink is in order!

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