Friday, September 12, 2003

Aargh! A day of problems. BeatBlog and my blogroll are down. Typed Threaded Discussion has broken.

Blogroll and BeatBlog

I may be incredibly stupid and naive about this, but for years my short perl script happily chucked out Javascript code to print these lists down the side of any page I wanted. Now I've moved the scripts to my new domain, and the inclusion no longer seems to work. The only thing that seems different is that I no longer have an absolute IP address, but am using a DNS name.

Is this a well known problem ie. that this kind of javascript include never worked through DNS and I just didn't notice?

Typed Threaded Discussion

It used to work. Then I changed from using method=get to method=post. On my local server here, this change has worked transparently. Python's CGI library didn't blink. On my host's machine, I'm not getting any form values anymore. Different version of the Python cgi module? Something to do with my host's apache config?

Any ideas?

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