Thursday, September 18, 2003

Graham Lally on resisting the Project for the New American Century :

We cannot force people to change, we cannot expect them to suddenly see an alternative as if they were all Saul on the road to Damascus. We must analyse what we have, realise what is lacking, and offer alternatives on all fronts. We need to pick apart our own society from every possible angle, make it transparent and give people the opportunity and motiviation to look into it with their own eyes. The powers that are want us to accept what they offer, and we should have none of it, until these powers are who we are.

Good call ...

Makes me think of Gandhi's "speak truth to power". Only knowing and understanding the truth gives you the courage and capacity to stand up to power.

Also makes me think of Dave Winer wanting everybody to write weblogs.

We all need to be involved in the "picking apart" of our current society. It could be said that that's what Optimaes is about too.

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