Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Johnny Chung Lee :

Now, I could simply make a kurmudgenly claim that the quality of professional/research/academic work has gone down. But, I actually don't think that's true. In my opinion, what is happening is that the quality of independent projects are getting better.... fast. Which, I think resonates with this observation of a "DIY Revolution".

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John Powers said...

I liked the piece. It made me think of your device swarms. And thought, perhaps not really related, about a piece about the Hasso Platter Inst. d. school Innovation Hothouse. When I read that article I thought of something like that connected with John Robb's connected hacker space vision.

Johnny Chung Lee's theory is about computers, but there's a kind of ethos I hope will spread more widely; to the extent that most people are involved in hacking one way or another.

When I studied for my elementary teaching degree, the model for teaching science in elementary school was a science skills approach not unlike the d. school's model. So we teachers in training were schooled in a model hardly used in science instruction here in the USA. Pity. But it's never too late to learn.

Johnny Chung Lee turns his attention to the big players. I'm more interested in the rest of us. Dougland Hine is so smart in attempts to foster this. We20 is a kernel of a good idea too. There are so many pieces which could snap together to get the many involved in the innovation we need.