Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dave Winer gave his Blogger of the Year award to Julian Assange.

NakedJen is an evangelist for radical transparency. Jay Rosen says the news process is turning upside-down. And Julian Assange put both ideas together. He says let's know all there is to know. Let's tell the people who take us to war and destroy countries and kill hundreds of thousands, for profit -- no more secrets. We're not just going to suspect you're doing it, we're going to know. And maybe, if they know we'll know, they won't do it.


WikiLeaks is the America's Tiananmen. Julian Assange is the tank guy. We all hold our breath to see if we go all the way.

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John Powers said...

I listened to Jay Rosen and Dave Winer's Rebooting the News #78 tonight. They talked about this post of Winer's among other things, including Winer's telling about wikiriver included thinking the question what would any reporter covering the story want? He singled out Alexis Madrigal at Atlantic Magazine as doing good work but having poor tools.

The "poor tools" bit amazed me because The Atlantic is pointed to as successfully coming to terms with the Internet.

Winer contacted Madrigal and said "I want to work with you." That sort of collaboration strikes me as something new and exciting.

You've always impressed me with your inventive thoughts about media and journalism. I've thought some big publisher should hire you. That's not a bad thought, but the sort of pick-up on the fly kind of collaboration that I'm imagining between Winer and Madrigal might be quite transformational.