Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Plastic Logic Reader ... very nice.

Roll on the Beer Mat Computer.


John Powers said...

Wow that Plastic Logic Reader is so cool! I was genuinely moved to see your Beermat Computer entry from several years ago. You always ask the really important questions, ones that affect real people. Hat's off to you!

Composing said...

Impressive, isn't it? I realize we are not far at all from something like the beermat computer : ie. cheap, low energy consumption, printed on rolled plastic in a variety of sizes and shapes etc.

Five years time, some sort of internet connected, document reader, web-browser, computer power equivalent to the Asus Eeepc, all solid state, touch input only, for 50 dollars. What do you reckon?

BTW : as I've caught your attention and got you thinking about the future, you had a look at Superstruct yet? ;-)

John Powers said...

About Superstruct: a friend outside my usual corners of the Internet sent me a link to Supersrtuct with the note: You know you want to do it. Yes so I'm lazy but the promise of a special diamond for my profile for signing up right away made me take the first step.