Monday, October 20, 2008

Great skype comment in a conversation with my friend Tonho :

I am crazy for science ... I think it is the only exit for be a more happy person (talking about you advice " make sure you cultivate the CHILDLIKE SENSE OF CURIOSITY AND WONDER ABOUT NATURE. Children have an isatiable curiosity about everything around them. Sights, sounds, and smell are a constant source of wonder and amazement...the are eager to learn about plants, birds and insects and are always trying all sorts of experiments with straws, bottles, mud, and love take apart a watch or mecancal toy to see what is inside and how it works. A scientist, Phil is a person who retains some of this childlike sense of curiosity and wonder about nature...and neurons.

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Scribe said...

I'd say that that's what makes a *good* scientist. But then, I'd say that's what makes a good artist, a good musician, a good teacher, and a good learner.

There are many things we learn (or unlearn) at an individual level that science can only dream about "realising".