Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aparently Momus now sees himself as more of a blogger than a musician :

I should perhaps mention that Momus doesn't really exist for me as a musician. Apart from the early, less-wacky stuff, I find it all somewhat anaemic. Far more interesting is Click Opera, the livejournal he publishes daily. Differing from his earlier essays or "Thoughts for the Day" , the journal has, in a short time, become one of the most fascinating (and influential) in the blogosphere.

"I think I?m a kind of Google star, which is the modern form of stardom. Every search I seem to do for related things comes up with my journal. I seem to come up on every search I do. I?m like Tintin the boy reporter (I'm even dressed a bit like him today), I?m always going on adventures, reporting on other people's doings. There forms a nexus of connections."

The Mind?s Construction Quarterly : How to Live like Nick Currie

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