Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Actually, I can see Edge are generally pretty worked up about intelligent design. I've been fairly chilled out about the whole thing, personally. If a couple of generations of American kids grow up ignorant about evolution, that will just help out the tech economies of the rest of the world. US kids are growing up learning far more dangerous nonsense. (Although I suppose anabiotic oil is the fruit of this tree.)

But here's another lazyweb request. What are the ALife community doing about intelligent design? Let's imagine that schools in the US are gonna have to teach kids to ask questions about whether certain kinds of order can emerge from chance. Well, this is a perfect opportunity for a software package stuffed with Genetic Algorithms, simulated ecologies, and statistical simulations to pump the intuitions in exactly the right direction. There's probably even good money to made. Could this be the best driver for a market for educational GA software?

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