Thursday, June 17, 2004

Notice I've TribeCast two of my tribe-friends along with my blogroll.

This is an interesting development. But I think Tribe need to do a bit more work. If I'm going to put TribeFriends in my blogroll I really want to be more selective. To either tell TribeCast which friends it can use. Or to have gradations in my friendships, only some of whom I would TribeCast.

For example, what if my TribeFriend switched his picture to something I don't want on my blog? Right now it looks like I have to choose between dropping TribeCasting or dropping the friendship.

Also, it's crazy to put loads of Tribe friends automatically on your blogroll. Why make all those extra downloads for my reader(s)?

Maybe I really need a FaceRoll. For my blogroll, but that never really appealed.

In fact I might drop this feature after all ...

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