Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Interesting. Apparently, according to UN inspectors, Saddam shipped out WMD on eve of war.

I wonder why? Presumably the weapons weren't actually usable to fight the war. (Or he didn't dare use them.)

So did he do it because he knew he was going to lose and wanted to embarrass Bush? Or because, knowing the game was up, he wanted to seed other terrorist movements in Holland? (Saddam really was part of Al-Quaeda all along.)

Or because he figured he'd escape and use them as part of a come-back. Or because he figured without this evidence he'd avoid being shot or locked up for a very long time by the new Iraq authorities?

Bonus question : I wonder if Saddam is being prepared for interrogation by US intelligence services. And if so, what music are they playing to him (VERY LOUDLY)

(via Melanie Phillips)

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