Thursday, October 09, 2003

My Portuguese teacher is very worried about a friend of hers who disappeared on Tuesday afternoon.

His car has been recovered in a satelite town, a few tens of km away. The car contained all the clothes he was wearing except shirt and socks.

The probability is that he picked up someone for sex, who then turned on him. The shirt was used to tie him up, and the socks to gag him. In a similar case a few months ago, the body of the kidnapped guy was found covered in cigarette burns and kicked until most of the bones and internal organs were broken. Now my teacher and other friends are holding onto a thin hope. They think there's maybe a 10% chance that he may still be alive, but horribly beaten, and too injured to have been able to get help. More likely he's been killed.

I suppose the motivation is robbery or homophobia (if he picked up another guy).

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