Tuesday, March 18, 2003

OK, a quickie opinion on the war. (Just for the record I'm against ... being rushed into it on a timetable to suit US politics, Pax Americana behind it all, a toughened but smarter containment / diplomacy / sanctions strategy could have speeded disarmament, imposed more democracy and improved human rights, and could do so even now etc. etc.)

But, what I think is going on today is this:

Blair has bought Short's co-operation by promising her a role in the rebuilding of Iraq. Promising UN role etc. Blair genuinely believes this.

But Blair is being strung along by the US

When the war's over and Iraq is under military occupation by the US all these good intentions and promises are going to be forgotten pretty quickly.

The record :

  • rebuilding commitment to Afghanistan neglected
  • Bush government continuously demonstrates neglect of commitments to the rest of the world. (Now they know they're more unpopoular than ever, they feel no commitment whatsoever. Blair can go whistle when he comes asking for an international role in post-war Iraq that doesn't suit the US.)

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