Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Bush's accounts

  • Military operations: $44bn
  • Call up of reserves: $10bn
  • Munitions: $6.5bn
  • Reconstruction: $1.7bn
  • Humanitarian aid: $500m
  • FBI: $500m
  • Coast Guard: $1.5bn
  • Afghanistan aid: $400m
  • Aid to Israel: $10bn
  • Aid to Jordan, Egypt: $1bn each

source: OMB, Congress

By my calculation that makes the cost of the military part of the war roughly 30 times the amount of money committed to reconstruction of Iraq.

And the poor Israelis (suffering from a recession and a few terrorist attacks) get 20 times the amount of money that Afghanistan (suffering 20 years of US inspired civil war, and an invasion) get.


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