Friday, December 11, 2020

Servers Down

 Bloody hell!

My hosting company, WebFaction, got bought by GoDaddy a couple of years ago.

Didn't seem to make a difference but they've been folding it in through a stack of intermediate companies which don't have a good reputation.

And suddenly they pulled the plug on me.

(OK, it seems they gave me about two weeks warning in an email I didn't see, earlier)

So ...



Seems like all my sites are not just "down". But gone! Probably permanently.


So it's going to take me a bit to sort this.

In the meantime.

If you are looking for :

Fortunately I have most (though probably not all) things backed up.

And I get my domain names through a different provider, so when I get new hosting, I should be able to point the domains at it fairly quickly. Though there'll be the usual couple of days delay for that to take effect

Normal service WILL BE RESUMED.

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