Monday, February 17, 2020

RIP Andy Weatherall

Bloody hell!

Andy Weatherall has died. At only 56.


He was one of the greatest of the 90s.

I used to go MAD for this in the club in the 90s.

Dub, gypsy, cosmic ... all in one amazing track. Thought it was one of the most transcendent awesome things I ever heard at the time. So good.

The whole Haunted Dancehall album was so good.

I sometimes say it was the original dubstep album. Not because it exactly sounds like dubstep, but has the same feel as something like Burial.

The beginning ... just pissing around with a flanger. But it sounded so radical 

Allegedly the In the Nursery version of Haunted Dancehall is on the playlist for Radio 1 to play when the Queen dies.
Though it's more suitable now :

Finally, another great album.

Stay Down. Big soundtrack for me when I got that.

And I suppose I should include this, because it is awesome. (And produced / mixed by Weatherall)

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