Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Falling From The Sky

My new link-blog: Yelling At Strangers From The Sky is out of action. It seems that Trex, the server behind Fargo, has serious problems.

I'm still dropping links into this outline, because the principle of having microblogging under my control is a good one. But I'll have to find a way to render the output from this blog.

Hint : It may have something to do with GeekWeaver :-)

Hint 2 : Solutions that involve me hacking something together sometimes ... take ... time ...

1 comment:

BillSeitz said...

Remember when I told you to put wiki pages and blog-post pages in the same space/feed/stream?

Well, now I'm telling you to put microblog posts in that same stream too.

(I'd do it in my own flow, but every page added to my MoinMoin space generates 4-5 inodes which bump me up against a threshhold I'm already fighting.... so it will have to wait until I replace MoinMoin...)