Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cassette tape nostalgia meets business cards.

I wouldn't use one of these in a million years]1]. And yet I feel, in my gut, why this is so compelling.

[1] Partly because I make my own Moo cards. Here are a couple of classics :

The infamous "Synaesmedia : Anarchy, Abstraction ... Systems, Patterns, Form" card. The photo is actually of some kids in the street during carnival in Olinda a few years ago.

I always figured Ascii cows would make good branding for NooRanch. Here's an experiment that never made it onto a web site but did make a cool card.

This is actually a screen-shot of the original Interstar game from the late 90s. I keep wondering if I should bring it back (port it to jQuery / HTML5) ... but to be honest, I find games quite boring these days. (Both to play and to write.)

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