Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can see I'm going to get hooked on Altered Zones a kind of swarm approach to tracking American hypnagogic pop, chillwave, witch house, "contemplative dance" etc.

Here are a couple of nice tunes :

Giant Claw : I Know I'm Like A Ghost

White Rainbow: "Captain Sandwich Patrol"

There are probably hundreds more if I were to find time to listen to them ...

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John Powers said...

I like :-) I also wonder why reading "swarm approach" seemed to trigger prejudice because when I found out what you meant in this case it seemed so clearly brilliant to me. I like the writing as well as the music.

Orthogonal or off topic, I follow Greg Mitchell on Twitter. He's handy for keeping abreast of WikiLeaks. He's also very wise about the subject of journalism. I think his years editing Crawdaddy! the first magazine to critically cover popular music adds much to his wisdom about journalism.