Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's fascinating miscellaneous links :


John Powers said...

I guess it's hard to be OT on a misc. links thread?

I was interested in Stirling Newberry's take down of Umair Haque's most recent HB post.

Both guys are wicked smart, but this seems an inauspicious start for them to discover each other's writing.

John Powers said...

Of course correlation is not causation, but I note that Umair Haque had an atypical flurry of posts at HB which got his "Four Ways to Build a Better Economy" post off the front page.

Newberry thinks that Haque's mention of "Ponzi scheme" is "the 'fractional reserve accounting is a giant Ponzi Scheme!' meme." I'm pretty oblivious and don't hear the dog whistle. But I do suspect that if Haque's flurry of posts were meant to get his "Better Economy" post off the front page, the reasons probably have to do with not wanting comments to go down that particular rabbit hole.

I really didn't like that Newberry went so ad hominem against Haque and Numerian piled on. It can be a fun sport but is so often couter productive.

Newberry has a new post that seems a little related to your research on gift economies. I didn't read the paper Newberry links to, just the abstract. But I think Newberry's post might interest you.

I maybe really misreading things, but I also think that Newberry's and Haque's in general are not antithetical. They're starting from different perspectives but end up with similar views about wealth creation.