Monday, September 15, 2008

Tim Berners-Lee worries about the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories on the web.


Oli said...

He's only saying that because, as everyone knows, he's secretly in the pay of the CIA who want to get more control over the web.


Scribe said...

That would make the web (a lot more) boring. Trust is a personal thing. Science is an institution for a particular form of rhetorical "trust", but once information is outside of the trained elite, it's fair game to be "remixed" in whatever way we choose. Conspiracy theories and politics are how the Rest of Us live. Even scientific theories aren't to be trusted.

BTW, I hear the LHC uses quantum entanglement to Know what next week's #1 will be in all countries BEFORE THE SINGLES HAVE EVEN BEEN RELEASED. This will destroy all music ever. Tell all your friends!