Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's official. I'm going to be an assistant game-master in Superstruct, the internet "role-playing" game run by The Institute for the Future.

More soon ....

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Oli said...

Have I missed something?

It looks like this 'massively multiplayer' game is basically a themed blog where people 'play' by playfully imagining the future.

I also didn't see much to suggest that they were joking around with the term 'massively multiplayer game' as an amusing description of a normal blog (or indeed life itself)?

So, as an 'assistant game-master' your role (I guess) will be to moderate a blog. But what are the rules? Or are you just moderating to remove obsenities and ad hominem?

In this light there doesn't seem to be much to help improve the realism of any of the predictions and imagined scenarios. Some of the example comments read like SF creative writing.

I guess some bloggers might post up some very interesting well thought out predictions for the future, and this would be interesting for the Institue For The Future. I guess also the threads around such posts will be interesting as people thrash out the implications of such predictions. Sort of a collective thought experiment.

But is that the 'game'? Have I completely misunderstood this?