Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New heuristic rule : blog for people, feeds for news.

I'm not sure I like FriendFeed ... even now. And after intense time on Twitter, I'm using it less.

To access people, I still want to go to blogs. I love my new pipes, but I want real, impersonal news on them : science, ecological disaster, cool nylon toys. Not my friends or blogreads saying what they do and think.

Not sure if this is a temporary thing, but it's the way that makes sense to me at the moment.


John Powers said...

Cool Pipes!

I already forget the name of the service, but I had a somewhat similar approach to news feeds at a place before it closed down. I transferred the feeds to Google Reader and have discovered I don't read them anymore. Your Pipes make me want to copy what you're doing with my own feeds.

Composing said...

Not sure yet how this will work out long term ... I've never really got on with feed-readers ... it's the *inflexibility* that always ends up causing me problems.

Certainly I *never* go near my Google Reader.

I now think that it's also the mix of news and personal may be my problem.

At the moment, I'm fascinated by this pipe. (An aggregation of the three I made earlier). Let's see if that last or some of the feeds lose their luster.

Anyway, Pipes is great.

Composing said...

Thinking more ... what would be cool is something that let you tune in to different people via different channels. For example, I have people who I subscribed to in Google Reader, but it turns out I never read their blog ... but I follow them on Twitter. If I could detect that, and switch them across from one to the other automatically ...