Thursday, April 17, 2008

There's a new Portishead album. Haven't heard it yet, but the obviously cool thing for them to do would be to get lots of dubstep remix action going on, invite Kode9, Space Ape etc. Maybe the way Massive Attack had the Mad Professor do a remix album back in the day.

Update: Got it (or some alleged preview, thanks SoulSeek) Not much sign of dubstep, sadly. Some quite radical sounds and musical arrangements which nevertheless soon become "normal" given the context. Not sure this is Portishead's fault. As Radiohead proved, being a megastar makes whatever you do mainstream.

Quite post-rock, howly in places. Interesting, but totally lost the souly / hip-hop aspect of the first album. Folk-rock-blues wins.

Update 2 : Dead Can Dance, Cocteaus in there too.

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