Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Last night I went along to a club promising a Bulgarian DJ. Frankly I wasn't that enthused. Monday nights are a bit early in the week for me. And I was expecting some kind of trance. In fact, I was hoping to be out of there before midnight.

But it turned out to be a guy called DJ Kosta Kostov from BalkanXpress playing a blinding set. Possibly the best DJ I've seen to in the last 10 years. The guy's a genius. The moment he started playing I needed to throw myself around wildly to the beats 'n' brass. It was all eastern european, gypsy with electronic dance beats. Then about an hour into the set he played a track which uses the (probably much older) tune from Sabres of Paradise's Wilmot (which is another thing I used to go mad for about 12 years ago.)

Then he started going into bhangra. And klezmer. And pretty much everything I like. Couldn't drag myself away until about 2:15 when he handed over to the next guy.

Stunning! The MySpace page doesn't really do justice to the live show.

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