Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cool! An blog from a Brazilian living in Uraguay.

Legal! Um blog de dinheiro alternativo (economia solidária) escrevendo pela um brasiliero morando em Uraguay.

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Kaunda said...

I was interested to read on your Platform Wars blog about who you were paying attention to in 1999.

Andre Maiani whose blog you point to says at 29 he's been working with the Internet for almost 10 years. It makes me smile to think of your students.

I'm pre-videogames and really my outlook is pre-ATMs. The "Internets" I don't get. But reading your posts gives me a glimmer and sheds some light on the subject.

Here in the USA there's some attention to the "digital divide;" the example of how Americans have addressed it doesn't seem particularly promising in re the developing world where the divide is more pronounced.

But almost everyday in reading posts on the African-centric blogoshpere there are posts which show real innovation in using the Internet for connections across the digital divide.

Looking towards an uncertain future I'm convinced that people in the developing world are builidng institutions, like alternative currencies, which will be important for those of us in rich countires too.

The step-father of a friend was Provoust at the college I went to. He said of one of my professors I admired: "Some people who've gotten their PhDs and attained professorship hate the idea that anyone would n\know as much as they do. But not Bob Baldwin; he wants everyone to learn." He probably said it better than I remember: the point is you're like that.

In 2013 I'll remember I was paying attention to Phil Jones and won't be surprised by new institutions, like alternative currencies;-) Thanks Phil.