Thursday, January 05, 2006

Diplo continues to be one of the artists I'm really feeling at the moment. He goes all over the place (look how he almost single-handedly pushed Rio Funk to the US and took M.I.A. all over the world.)

I bought Florida last year, and after an initial "huh! this is just A.N.Other instrumental hip-hop album" it became my favourite album of the year. Particularly the awesome "Summer's Gonna Hurt You".

Now I've just found The Megatroid Mix - a kind of extended fantasy on a theme from DJ Shadow.

It's more fun, tasty (and tasteful) hip-hop, 70s prog-rock sampling and electro styling. And some sly remixing of Florida.

Diplo was also a big influence on the mix I did last year. Megatroid makes me want to go back and finish the sequel I'm working on.


Scribe said...

Not listened to the Diplo mix yet (although have got the last DJ Shadow album so wil be intersting to see what he does with it...) - but got to admit your own mix is pretty neat, Phil!

Cank I ask what software you use? I've been playing round a tiny bit with Soundtracker and Audacity recently, but not enough to get that much out yet...

Composing said...

Someone listened! At last ... :-)

It's all done with ACID (4.0, I think). It can read mp3s, and beatmap them so you can (more or less) synchronize two tracks together. You can also pitch them up and down. And, of course, make sections into loops etc.

As for Diplo, check out Florida, Favela on Blast (which is Baille Funk) and I've just found Piracy Funds Terrorism (the one where he's using M.I.A) on slsk, and that's pretty good too.