Wednesday, October 05, 2005

US Poodle turns up the pressure on Iran.

Presumably, if Iran gets refered to the UN Security Council, there's no possible way the US can get into a conventional war with them.

But could the America will go nuclear paranoiacs be right?

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John Powers said...

Whenever I see Paul Craig Roberts in Counter's a mind bender.

Left and right labels seem to confuse matters more than simplify here in the USA.

It's encouraging that an anti-war stance isn't something easily bisected by right/left disection. Just as it's discouraging that a pro-war stance isn't either.

George Lakoff writes about how people use metaphors to make sense of the world. His emphasis on various ideas about "family" is on one hand perceptive and on the other very limiting. Some wonder if a metaphor of "community" would be more progressive. The trouble is people jump in and out of communites easily where we are stuck with our families.

I don't know where I'm going with this. Just trying to find the mental space where right-leaning and left leaning folks can make common cause against senseless violence and cruelty. And to discover a common language to communicate peace.