Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wow! G A P M I N D E R is pretty cool. This animated graph is particularly interesting.


Rup3rt said...

nearly broke my browser but i was intrigued by the two humps of rich and poor for brazil and Mexico - that lack of a middle class (brazilification as douglas coupland put it)

the technical term seems to be twin peeks and the pattern has started to show up on world data since 1990. this graph is excellent for getting a perspective on it.

I think it would be good to wiki this! Ironic after thoughtstorms.

But those brazilian humps really need a closer examination

Composing said...

Yep. Those humps are very interesting. It would be interesting if there were an explanation such as the graph actually showing a mix of two distributions eg rural and uran. Or government / non-government exmployees etc. who have different peaks.

What's also quite strange is how in most countries the shapes can grow and shift over time, but don't seem to change much : quantitative but not qualitative development.

I put the link on ThoughtStorms, on the page called DataResources.