Monday, June 27, 2005

Let me get this right. Britain is introducing ID cards because :

a) the US is mandating "biometric passports" for visitors

b) it's cheaper to do ID cards and biometric passports in a job lot.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair 'confident' over ID cards

Hello! It's an IT system. Does anyone still believe it's esier to build a whole bunch of functionality all at once rather than incrementally in very small step?

Am I right in thinking that UK policy is now totally driven by US government requirements?

Probably all McKinsey's fault.

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Philip W said...

Does our government even understand how massively complex such an IT system would be? I've run into problems with the NHS and CRB computer systems, and those are small fry compared with something that maintains over 50 fields on millions of cardholders for instant access.