Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm writing this at around 1.10 am. There's been a lot of shouting and running about by the gang of teenagers who usually hang about at night in the public space outside our apartment. As it's winter, they usually build a fire and sit around it, smoking dope. In the normal course of events they appear fairly peaceful. Some loud talking and occasional raucus laughing or screaming, or some crashing as they break up pieces of wood for their fire, but not much else.

But tonight they're very agitated, and Gisel, listening to their conversation, at the window, says it sounds like they were just held up and robbed by someone with a gun.

There seems to be a lot of discussion and people shouting "Let's go there" so maybe this is some kind of gang thing and they know the people who did it. Or may be it was just random.

Whatever. They don't seem inclined to disappear back home and hide (my natural reaction.) So maybe they're plotting some kind of retaliation? Or maybe they know it's some kind of personal thing. Or maybe they still feel safe hanging around out there.

I'm very disturbed.

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