Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Still alive ... doesn´t time fly when you´re enjoying yourself and don´t have an internet connection?

What´s up? A new version of SdiDesk on the way. And a couple of other software ideas. I've been writing some stuff which should find its way onto ThoughtStorms.

Apart from that I´ve been tracking down people to talk to about the what´s been going on here politically and economically. Met up with Heloisa Primavera to chat about about collective intelligence and autopoeisis and hopefully (if I can pin her down again) alt.money; watched her C.I. group meet to discuss how solve development problems; rampaged through the streets at 4 am with the delinquent poets of "Cursed Geneva"; admired my wife´s cousin´s husband´s gun collection and learned about ballistics; went to the islands, and the casino, and to the tango festival and the free outdoor cinema ... and ate, in fantastic cafes and restaurants. ARGENTINA MAKES YOU FAT!!!! You have been warned.

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