Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Surprise Announcement!

This blog endorses ...

George W. Bush

for president!

After all, who do you think we,out here in HateAmerica(tm)-land would like to inflict on you? Do we Brazilians, Chinese, Russians, IslamoFascists, EuroSocialists(WhoLetsFaceItAreOnlyOneWordRemovedFromHitlersNationalSocialists) want a strong America? One with the wealth and military might and moral authority to lead the world and tell us what to do? Think again.

Even America's most hated is, by cleverly pretending to promote Kerry, doing his bit for the cause.

Please, people, this is important. Tell everyone you know to get out there and vote for Bush, today. And if any sneaky, patriotic Democrats stand in your way, just show this proof that Bush was right about the Saddam / Al Queda connection and watch their tiny heads explode.in mushy liberal confusion.

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