Monday, August 16, 2004

Chavez wins the referendum.

I still feel really under informed about this. Parts of the Blogosphere are vitriolicly against him. What I don't know is whether this is just whipped-up prejudice. Clearly Chavez is not the greatest guy. But he is redistributing wealth from the oil companies etc. to clinics and education programs. Maybe this is class-war. But, let's face it. If the situation were reversed and the right were in power, they'd have policies redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich. And that would be class-war too. Or maybe this is their bastard / our bastard thinking.

Miguel Octavio thinks it's probably fraud but is waiting for international observers. If so, how much fraud? How does it compare with Bush in 2000?

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BykerSink said...

It seems highly unlikely there is any fraud going on. If anything it was the anto-Chavez people fixing their own un-checked exit polls. This must be the most rigourously checked referendum in history.

It had to be, because with the USA/CIA in the opposite camp - who are experts with elections - it was in Chavez's interest to make the whole system tamper proof.

Imagine this though, with big business, the media and the USA all against him Chavez still won. That takes some doing.

And you have to admire Chavez's style - to openly call George Bush an asshole takes some guts.