Sunday, April 04, 2004

Two conversations over the last couple of days, have been very inspiring. And both started about unrelated things.

Firstly, criticism by Zbigniew Lukasiak forced me to defend why I thought Clay Shirky's "Situated Software" essay was worthwhile. And in doing so I made explicit what seemed to be original : a connection of a style of coding with a scale of social group.

That led to Shirky pointing out that there was more than scale at stake.

Secondly, my trivial posting suggesting Bill Seitz had got a Momus link from me, drew my attention to his point that there were different link structures available at different scales.

Between them, and thanks to connecting power of wiki, I started thinking about ThoughtStorms: ScaleAndStructureOfSocialGroups

Maybe there's nothing to it, but it feels like there's something interesting there.

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