Monday, November 03, 2003

What I'm excited about at the moment : Optimaes Currency Description. I'm starting to see more and more clearly that money is a network protocol and currencies are platforms.

What follows?

  • Persuading people to use complimentary currencies is the problem of persuading people to move to a new platform. Joes Spolsky has some interesting things to say about that
  • Social networking software is going to intertwingle with payment enablement, financial aggregation services (banks, insurance, pensions etc.), currencies and money systems of all kinds.
  • Crypto and trust networks and ID will be in there too.

So what is Optimaes Currency Description? Basically I'm writing an extension to FOAF to describe which currencies you use, what their characteristics are, and which payment networks you are on. And I'm making sure it handles a lot of alternative currencies, bartering and gifting networks. It's also a good way of learning RDF too.

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