Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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I like this.

And all these.

Interesting rejection of fascism and neo-folk.


John Powers said...

On Friday went to a nice holiday party where a couple of kids of friends attended, now young adults. One of them pointed to the difference between digital natives like him and all of us Baby Boomers.

I like your tabular overview of NetoCracy and especially your observation that conspiracy theory forms an epistemology. It think it's this theory of networks that's a real difference between folks of my generation and our kids.

I really liked John Eden's essay for exploring neo-folk through the lens of networks.

I despair about politics in the USA. As a people we've never thought much about ideology. The lunatic right is busy promulgating ideology and seems better at introducing Americans to theories about networks. Such an approach to analysis is a double-edged sword as Eden's post makes clear.

I'm hopeful our kids can set my cohort on a path to more critical reason.

Composing said...


Read the next couple of articles I just linked on this theme.

Southgate's "improvisational" syncretions are amazing, as he tries to merge fragments of anarchist, communist, racist, green, primitivist, catholic, individualist, pagan etc. thought.