Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wikileaks : What are we fighting for?

I think this encapsulates it nicely.

Here's a quote from an article calling for Assange to be assassinated.

The essence of diplomacy - especially that of a great power - is the ability to conduct negotiations and hold talks in secret.

What we're fighting for is NOT that no-one should ever have secrets. What we're fighting for is to end that definition of "great". A great power should be one which exercises its power through openness and consensus, not through conspiring with elites of other countries for all governments to mislead their populations together. If the latter is the price of "great power" then great power has no right to exist.

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John Powers said...

Argh, Jeffery T. Kuhner is a bomb-thrower. His Web site is owned by the Unification Church as is of course The Washington Times. He comes up with un-sourced scoops which are then promulgated by Fox news. Anyhow as an antidote for the graphic calling for Assange's murder accompanying the article you linked to see Mr. Fish