Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm not the one to judge this, but here's an interesting exchange in blog comments a couple of months ago :

subpatre says :
Wikileaks published reams of documents with the unredacted names, even home addresses and relatives names, of Afghans who opposed Talliban, supported US or NATO, or in some way helped the current government. Collaborators. These folks will now die or be tortured —really tortured, like with electric drills, battery acid, etcetera— by theBase or Talliban thugs. Not all, but most will.

Which I believe gives anyone of conscience a pause for thought.

However MMCloud asks :

Has anyone actually seen the names of Afghans listed in some of the documents? Can you point me to where they are? I can't seem to find them. My regex/grep skills were always poor

To which one BF Skinner replies :

@MMcloud "anyone actually seen the names of Afghans "
I have not. I figure the reporters at the Post and Times might have; but all I've heard from people at DoD is there 'might' or 'possibly' be such a disclosure.

Would be great to know more.

According to wikileaks supporters, the US DoD haven't been able to point to concrete examples of anyone killed due to the leaks. Undoubtedly there will be people who are made angry, for example, by revelations about the government in Yemen. And that may recruit people for Al Qaeda. But we have to ask how much the government's own deceit of its people is the root cause of such anger.

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