Sunday, August 07, 2011

Wow! This is poignant. Issues with the co-working space idea.

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John Powers said...

I got stuck on your describing the piece "poignant." I didn't really find it sad so much as feeling that yeah life is tough. Oh but maybe that's what poignant means.

I read today a wrap-up post by Christian Science Monitor reporter Scott Baldauf leaving his Africa post after 5 years Five Myths About Africa.

The first myth he tackles is, "Africa is poor." What's strange is he uses an anecdote that seems to show it's not a myth at all. But concludes:

"The word ubuntu has been so often used by politicians that it is fast losing its credit, but as long as the impulse remains, South Africans will have a foundation stone for building a new, more equitable South Africa."

It's a shift to think of something so difficult to define as "ubuntu" or Tozier's "community" as a foundation stone. But it's truly sad if we cannot get our heads into that space.