Monday, August 29, 2011

Templar of Earth

Say only

I understand and accept fully that the human race is harming the natural world by driving species to extinction, releasing long-lived pollutants, changing the climate and poisoning nature.

I understand and accept fully that the human race makes many suffer horribly and die in war, famine, injustice, poverty and oppression, and that we are failing to provide a good life for all of humanity.

I understand and fully accept that my own efforts appear unequal to the task of changing these facts.

I swear by the bones of the earth, the roots of the mountains to always treat those who understand and accept fully these Three Truths with dignity and respect, myself included.

Make a badge or banner, by any means, of this design.

You are now a templar of Earth. Display the symbol as you will.

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John Powers said...

I liked the conversation on that one. Respect isn't always easy to account for. It seems to me it's rather like trust in that it's something that is tested over time.

I suspect you already know, but John Michael Greer has also come around to the notion that a sort of guild is the best we can do. Here's a link to the Green Wizards Website.