Monday, June 08, 2009

The big tragedy, for me, of Labour's total wipe-out, is that I found I didn't care very much.

I stayed up last night until about 2-ish, obsessively watching the car-crash of the Euro-results coming in. And I just didn't feel what I should have felt ...

So. Is this because Labour really has lost it's purpose and meaning as a party? Ceding it's (diverse) historical constituencies to the BNP, SNP, Greens etc. while the swinging centrists go back to the Tories to carry on the Thatcher/Blair project as usual?

Or is this lack of purpose and difference just a myth that the media has managed to convinced me of?


Oli said...

I'm worried about what all of this anti-EU sentiment will lead to.

Composing said...

Yeah. Me too.

(Still coming up with a reply to your last comment in previous discussion. Keep checking back there.)

Scribe said...

Nice note at the end there. I keep swinging wildly between wanting to improve democracy, and getting as far away from it as possible.

I think interest in politics depends entirely on the attitude of those running the system, and if it takes a few right-wing votes to induce a badly-needed shake-up in how we see "democracy", then so much the better. Politics is caught dangerously between "leaders" who are at least *perceived* to be incompetent, and a very active section of the populace who don't believe that the structure of politics hold any relevant answers any more.

One thing's for sure though - the sooner we get away from a broadcast media approach to it all, the better. Harrumph.